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This is one of my favorite poems, and I try to constantly remind myself of the simple things which we tend to forget over the years… All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum Most of what I really need To know about how to live And what to do [...]

To me, small scale donors are the people who want to give back and make a difference, but might not necessarily have large funds or amounts of time. I’m someone who has always enjoyed giving back through volunteering. Ever since I was young, I would find ways to give back which was always done through [...]

Today’s hike comes from a recommendation on Twitter by @aprilpust. Thanks April, great rec! I woke up today wanting to do something outside, and since it still isn’t quite nice enough weather to start mooching my way onto friends’ boats, I figured it was a good day to take Goldie for a hike. I looked [...]

Almost all of my life (or at least since I think the 2nd grade) I’ve always prided myself in giving back through volunteer work. After the last 2 years of getting so caught up in my career that I didn’t make time for volunteering, I finally decided it was time to get to it. I [...]

Every fall and spring my mom and step dad follow the sun to Mesquite, Nevada and every time they’re going, my mom (repeatedly) begs me to come see her. She tries to woo me with pictures of the sun, the pool, and visions of a nice relaxing vacation. While I’d thought about it a lot [...]

Shortly after graduating and finding a job, I found myself yearning for canine companionship. However, I wasn’t in a place where I could have a dog. After going to a fund raising gala event for Homeward Pet Adoption Center, I decided to volunteer at their shelter and support their cause. It was a great way [...]