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Over the weekend, a friend and I were chatting about whether or not we should feel guilty for ‘Googling’ potential suitors (oh come on, you know you’ve done it at least once). She continued that the information she found (about his family’s history) felt like an invasion of privacy, and after she found it she [...]

Social Media. We all know what it is, most of us use it (whether personally or professionally), and yet most people are still trying to grasp its affect on daily lives. First, let’s start off with social media’s obvious affects. You know what your friends/connections/tweeps are doing at all hours of the day, literally (and [...]

When Facebook first came out I was a sophomore in college (go ahead, do the math). At the time, the social networking site was pretty limited in its powers and was only open to college students. The “cool” thing to do at the time was post your weekend pictures to show the Facebook community, (restricted [...]