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You never know when you’re going to need to ask a favor, and that is one of the greatest benefits of having a personal network (be it friends, family or acquaintances), right? Give a little, get a little – it’s what makes the world go round. However, it can be quite easy to get so [...]

It seemed like a scene from the future: Step onto a bus, find a good seat, crack open a laptop, log on to the Wi-Fi and stay connected for however long it takes to get to wherever you’re going. But a few years later, the actual reality is much different — with public transit riders [...]

Over the weekend, a friend and I were chatting about whether or not we should feel guilty for ‘Googling’ potential suitors (oh come on, you know you’ve done it at least once). She continued that the information she found (about his family’s history) felt like an invasion of privacy, and after she found it she [...]

As I sat at work today, amongst an overcrowded building and barking dogs, I couldn’t stop thinking about a question I was asked the other day: “How do you work best?” I picture the physical location as a metaphor for the type of worker I am. And I’m not talking white collar vs. blue collar [...]

This is one of my favorite poems, and I try to constantly remind myself of the simple things which we tend to forget over the years… All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum Most of what I really need To know about how to live And what to do [...]

Similar to when I started using Twitter, Quora has been another social media phenomenon that I’m still grasping. I’m lucky to be working for a company who’s very innovative in the online marketing space, and is always staying on top of new trends, tools, and online happenings. A few months back we got wind of [...]

To me, small scale donors are the people who want to give back and make a difference, but might not necessarily have large funds or amounts of time. I’m someone who has always enjoyed giving back through volunteering. Ever since I was young, I would find ways to give back which was always done through [...]

Social Media. We all know what it is, most of us use it (whether personally or professionally), and yet most people are still trying to grasp its affect on daily lives. First, let’s start off with social media’s obvious affects. You know what your friends/connections/tweeps are doing at all hours of the day, literally (and [...]

Today’s hike comes from a recommendation on Twitter by @aprilpust. Thanks April, great rec! I woke up today wanting to do something outside, and since it still isn’t quite nice enough weather to start mooching my way onto friends’ boats, I figured it was a good day to take Goldie for a hike. I looked [...]

Aside from Twitter being a great news source, I have found Twitter to be incredibly helpful when looking for an answer to a question. In some cases, even more helpful that a Google search. *gasp!* Not only can it be faster, but these are real people that you’re talking to and if enough people are [...]