Wallace Falls Hike – April 17, 2011

Today’s hike comes from a recommendation on Twitter by @aprilpust. Thanks April, great rec!

I woke up today wanting to do something outside, and since it still isn’t quite nice enough weather to start Wallace Falls from Medium Falls mooching my way onto friends’ boats, I figured it was a good day to take Goldie for a hike. I looked at my collected list of hikes after crowdsourcing Twitter, checked the weather, and settled on Wallace Falls. It was about an hour drive out to Gold Bar and the closer I got, the darker the clouds got.

About 10 minutes into the hike I found not one, but two $20 bills! I figured that was a sign that I should continue on. The hike was pretty easy up to the first stop at Lower Falls (about 1.8 miles from trailhead), but the higher up I got, the more muddy the trail got. The trail was pretty busy up to this point, so plan to get stopped up every once in a while. However, a lot of people stop at Lower Falls so I decided to keep on going. I got to Medium Falls (about 1/3 of a mile past Lower Falls) and there was a fantastic view of the falls! At this point, there was also a great viewpoint of the valley.

I decided to head up to the last stop, at Upper Falls (about another half mile). This portion was mostly switchbacks and a little more difficult. Also the higher I got, the more I was pelted with melting snow falling from the trees. Unfortunately the trail turned to snow and slush so I had to turn around before reaching the very top, but the view was still great.

One thing I really liked about this particular hike was that the trail was along the river and falls practically the entire time, so there was almost always a good view. Overall, a great leisurely hike for spring time! To learn more about Wallace Falls or to get directions, visit Washington Trails Association – Wallace Falls or view the Wallace Falls map here.

Update: A photograph I took from this hike was just featured on ProFlowers flower photography post. Many thanks to ProFlowers for featuring my work!

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