Twitter and Crowdsourcing

Aside from Twitter being a great news source, I have found Twitter to be incredibly helpful when looking for an answer to a question. In some cases, even more helpful that a Google search. *gasp!* Not only can it be faster, but these are real people that you’re talking to and if enough people are following you, then you’ll likely find someone who’s had your same problem.

Crowdsourcing on Twitter, in case you aren’t familiar, can be looked at in two ways. One, you post a question and hope that you get answers. Another way to look at crowdsourcing, is to search for a given hashtag to see what people are saying about it. For example, during the Super Bowl if you wanted to see how people were reacting to a given commercial, you could quickly and easily search for the Super Bowl hashtag and see the comments. Kind of amazing, huh?

I recently sat down to start making a list of hikes that I’d like to accomplish this year, and then figured I would ask Twitter. See the list below:

  • Wallace Falls @aprilpust
  • Lake Serene and Mt. Rainier @sarakseattle
  • Tiger Mountain – @dacort
  • Mt. Si – @dacort
  • Mailbox Peak – @dacort
  • Anything Rainier @dacort
  • Go up the old mason lake trail and come down the new trail. Gorgeous views of Rainier if you go on a clear day. – @kafadventures

A pretty good starting list for putting in about 2 minutes of effort on my part! And please, if you have further suggestions let me know!

I have also used crowdsourcing on occasion to find a good restaurant or coffee shop on a given day. If I’m lucky, I get a number of suggestions and if any of them are the same, that’s usually where I go:)

One important thing to keep in mind is to be respectful of your Twitter followers. Don’t use this crowdsouring method too often, as people will start ignoring you or may even unfollow you. Make sure that you engage with them too. When other people ask questions, make sure to answer, as this increases the likelihood that they’ll respond to you in the future.

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