Goldie’s Story

Shortly after graduating and finding a job, I found myself yearning for canine companionship. However, I wasn’t in a place where I could have a dog. After going to a fund raising gala event for Homeward Pet Adoption Center, I decided to volunteer at their shelter and support their cause. It was a great way to get my doggy dose, without the responsibility that owning a pet full time brings.

Since I was working at Trupanion, who allows us to bring our dogs to work, I offered to start bringing in one of the shelter dogs – where I could pick him/her up on the way in and drop him/her off on the way home. Of course when I offered this idea to the director of the shelter I had one of the quiet, laid back dogs in mind. She explained to me that they were just launching their buddy program, where they were pairing up volunteers with some of the more veteran dogs. She immediately paired me up with Goldie, the yellow lab/pit mix who barked at all the dogs who walked by her kennel, jumped all over you when you went in her kennel to see her, and all around was a crazy dog. I think she could see the look of surprise on my face, because she immediately informed me that I could first work with Goldie and their regular dog trainer.

After a few sessions with Melissa Lynch of Mountain High Dog Training, I was ready to try to bring Goldie into the office. I brought her in and made a little bed by my desk, and to my surprise she mostly just slept! Except when I had the occasional visitor to my desk, at which point she politely asked for attention. And every time I got up she was quick to follow right behind me. I was told by my coworkers that when I would go beyond the point where she couldn’t follow me, she was very worried and ran back and forth between the doors.

Of course, that day turned into that night and I decided to hold onto her until my Saturday morning volunteer shift. To my surprise, when I brought her in the next morning I was told that there was someone who was planning on adopting her. My quick glimpse of dog ownership had turned out to be just that, and I was happy that she was going to a great home, but selfishly sad that she wasn’t going to be mine. Sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be, right?

About a month went by and I was still volunteering a few times a week at the shelter. One Saturday morning I came in and was asked, “Guess who’s back?”. I had no idea. But as soon as I turned the corner and into the dog room, I could hear Goldie whining and swirling around her kennel as she heard my voice. While I still wasn’t in the best place to be owning a dog of my own, I still planned on spending time with her on a regular basis. That next weekend I was going camping and decided to bring her with me. We both had a great time, and as she would flop herself on my lap every time I sat down, my friends kept telling me over and over “She think she’s your dog, you have to keep her”.

Naturally, that weekend turned into the next week, and you can probably figure out the rest:)

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  1. Mar 21, 2011
    5:01 pm


    I had no idea that is how Goldie came to be yours! Very cute story. She is such a great dog. :)

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